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Noida Master Plan - 2031

The history of development of the present day Noida town can be traced back to 1972 when the Government of Uttar Pradesh, taking note of the mounting pressure of speculative land dealings in this area, closely situated to Delhi and having backward characteristics of development, declared 50 villages of the erstwhile district of Bulendshahar as the “Yamuna-Hindon-Delhi Border Regulated area” under the provisions of U.P. Regulation of Building Operations Act, 1958. There was no urban centre in this area. The Interim General Plan for Greater Delhi was prepared in 1956 and then the first Master Plan of Delhi prepared in 1962 suggested that serious considerations should be given for the planned decentralisation of large scale economic activities from Delhi and the development of towns around Delhi.

This paved ways for the development of Industrial units and warehousing at various locations around Delhi, resulting in speculative land dealings and potentials for unplanned and unauthorised development activities. Therefore, a need for establishing planned urban centres in the close proximity of Delhi was felt to provide an alternative site for the planned development of small and medium size industrial units functioning in unplanned and haphazard way in and around Delhi and to stop the speculative land dealings in this area.

The controlling Authority of the newly declared Regulated Area considered various aspects of development of the Regulated Area but could not do much for the establishment of a new urban centre. Finally on April 17, 1976 the Government of Uttar Pradesh notified 36 villages of “Yamuna-Hindon-Delhi Border Regulated Area” as New Okhla Industrial Development Area wide its notification No. 415.7 –Bha-U-18-(II), Lucknow, dated 17.4.1976 under the provisions of U.P. Industrial Development Act, 1976. The State Government also constituted a new statutory body, namely, the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) to ensure planned development of the area for industrial and allied uses. Accordingly, the Authority prepared a master plan for the area for the year 1991. The Plan had the following objectives:

i. Provide developed sites for about 10,000 small-scale industrial units;
ii. Provide employment to about 41,000 industrial workers; and
iii. Achieve a conducive living and work environment for the workers engaged in manufacturing and allied activities, and develop an integrated township for an ultimate population of 3,75,000 workers

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